You are an insurance broker

As an insurance broker, you work in a strong relationship of trust and confidence with your clients and with the different insurance companies. Each client is unique, and that is why clients are counting on you to provide objective advice and to endeavour for the best value for money. A correct and rapid processing of claims is part and parcel of your service!

How many claim files are piled on your desk?

There are several scenarios that could imperil your service level such as a sudden influx of claims that exerts enormous pressure on your firm, difficult liability issues, complex cases, claims abroad that fall under specific regulations… You can undoubtedly add other instances to this list.

>> ISCS is your expert and provides support in dealing with claims!

Our legal experts and account managers process standard claims daily but they also focus on complex and international claims. They have consequently acquired enormous experience and are experts in their field. ISCS will gladly attend to time-consuming and more arcane cases on your behalf. We communicate directly with the parties concerned and guarantee professional follow-up to ensure rapid and flawless service for your customer at all times!

Growth pains as an insurance broker?

Is your office on a sound growth curve? Do you sigh at the sight of many claim files still pending? Are you thinking of taking on more staff? Or is it perhaps time to take a close look at how your office is functioning or whether you are currently getting an optimal performance from your staff?

>> ISCS provides administrative support!

Far from aiming to change the way your office works completely, ISCS wants to provide support by attending to claims and helping with certain administrative tasks. We are the perfect back office solution for you and moreover work in your own software package (Brio, Insusoft, etc.). ISCS processes claims from various insurance products for vehicles, family policies, fire insurance, trading loss, etc. ISCS can in theory assume the entire procedure from declaration to compensation, but you decide which tasks you want to entrust to us.

In need of rapid, expert advice for your complex claims?
In need of administrative support to deal with your cases?
Curious as to what ISCS can do for your office?

Contact ISCS. Our team is at your entire disposal! >>

Haachtsesteenweg 13 - 1820 Steenokkerzeel
T +32 16 30 08 80
F +32 16 50 34 46

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