You are a lawyer

When you as a lawyer are entrusted with a case involving a claim, court proceedings are not far off. Things need not always get so far, of course, and you assume that an amicable settlement will prevail. Many cases involving accidents and liability require specific knowledge and expertise.

How many claim files are piled on your desk?

Your client had a bicycle accident and there is a dispute about the physical injury or the compensation for material damage. A machine has failed in a production environment and the issue of liability has arisen: was it due to wear or was it a direct consequence of the annual maintenance carried out by external technicians? Your client expects a rapid and correct follow-up of the case and professional advice. But how much time and energy can you put into preparing such a case?

>> ISCS for professional advice on claims

Our seasoned team provides you or your firm with expert support for an amicable settlement of any claim whatsoever involving injuries and/or liability. ISCS calculates the correct claim that your client can lodge, inclusive of expenses and interest. Our team of legal experts prepares your case in a professional manner so that you can concentrate on your customers and areas of expertise. In this way, you can establish a partnership with ISCS whereby we reinforce each other’s services.

Are you interested in getting sporadic or regular advice from the ISCS experts?
Could you use help in preparing claims?
The ISCS team is at your beck and call!

Contact us for an appointment without obligation >>

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