You are a fleet manager

As a fleet manager, you are not only responsible for the maintenance of the company’s fleet of vehicles, but must also optimise the cost of your fleet and, in certain cases, attend to the full processing of claims.

How many claim files are piled on your desk?

Even if you are working with full lease contracts, a great deal of administrative red tape is involved each time a claim is filed. In many cases, this task comes down to the fleet manager or the internal administrative service, which is often not familiar with such cases. Furthermore, it is important to keep the timeframe between the accident and repair of the car as short as possible, so that your duped colleague will not encounter many obstacles and will be operational again soon.

>> ISCS attends to the processing of claims for you!

ISCS works with a team of administrative managers and legal experts who know the ins and outs of the trade, and as such can provide ideal support to fleet managers. You and/or your internal administration team are relieved of the administrative red tape involved in processing claims, so that you can concentrate on your core tasks again. ISCS is your silent, competent workforce behind the scenes.

Complex or international claims?

Your colleagues are cross-border workers or go on a trip with their company car, when bad luck strikes and they are involved in an accident. We naturally hope that there are no physical injuries and no issues as to liability, but such cases often entail a great deal of work and headaches for the fleet manager. Even when your company has international branches with different hubs, you as a fleet manager have to deal with international contracts and regulations, and thus a lot of extra research and administrative work.

>> ISCS is the advice point for fleet managers!

The ISCS specialists will gladly take over your frets and worries about claims. We have legal experts who specialise in international legislation and have a very strong administrative team with the expertise and experience to deal with such cases. Furthermore, we stand ready to help you with cases involving non-insured or non-insurable risks.

ISCS can optimise your fleet costs and related administration as of a fleet of 50 vehicles! Furthermore, you as an ISCS client can count on our advice for complex (international) files.

Contact us and we will come and discuss the options with you face to face! >>

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