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Supermarkets, stores and chains have to deal with claims from customers more often than they would like. A little sign to the effect that you cannot be held liable for possible accidents may well hang in your shop, but does it provide legal coverage? An accident can occur at any time, so where does your liability begin and end?

How many claims are piled on your desk?

A customer slips over a leaf of lettuce lying on the ground in the vegetable section. Someone gets his hand caught between the shopping trolleys. A little child climbs on a promotion rack and the rack comes tumbling down. Minor accidents often happen in or around your shop where your liability insurance policy applies for accidents or accidental prejudice to third parties. But when are you actually liable?

Can you run the risk of rejecting claims?

Dealing with claims is a delicate matter, particularly in the retail sector. If you want to preserve the reputation of your shop or business, you must deal ever so carefully with such claims. It is not self-evident to reject certain cases and run the risk of seeing the story make headlines in the newspaper a few days later. This can only impair your image and must be avoided at all costs!

>> ISCS acts as a neutral party in claims

ISCS acts as a third, neutral party specifically for such claims. We take over the case from you and communicate directly with the customer concerned. In such a case, ISCS is the neutral third party that deals with the claim involving the customer concerned and the shop, while you yourself remain unaffected. Furthermore, ISCS has years of experience and the knowledge and expertise to process even complex cases rapidly and efficiently.

Can you see advantages in working with an external neutral party for your claims?
Do you need professional advice and support in processing your cases?
Splendid! We’ll be delighted to discuss the matter with you!

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