About ISCS

ISCS stands for Investigation, Survey and Consultancy Claims Services. A sound title for a sound organisation with more than 20 years of experience in claims settlement in Belgium and Luxembourg.  We can also act as your contact point for international cases through the establishment of partnerships in Europe.

Once upon a time… in 1995

Routine claims are handled via the traditional channels largely on the basis of standard rules, agreements and other formalities. This is not to everyone’s advantage however. That is why some managers with extensive experience in the insurance world pooled their forces and resources in 1995 to introduce a new concept on the market: ISCS, a neutral partner and expert in processing claims. In 2011, the current business manager Tom Coussée, who has been active in the insurance sector for more than 20 years himself, took over ISCS and expanded it further into a specialised firm with 10 staff members.

From 1 to 1000 cases

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, ISCS has already built up an impressive client portfolio. ISCS works mainly for insurance brokers, insurance companies, lawyers, fleet managers, CFOs, risk and legal managers in the retail sector and international companies. From a self-employed broker with 100 cases to a major international retail chain with more than 1000 cases, ISCS has the experience, flexibility and expertise to provide the administrative support needed.

Your client is our client

ISCS does not sell any ready-made service packages. Tell us how you work and we will in the very least do the same and more efficiently where we can, because every case that is entrusted to ISCS is processed within 24 hours. To process each case, we take over your procedures and the way you work. We accordingly agree on a service level in which we clearly define the tasks, arrangements and terms. We also give you the possibility to look over our shoulder, because you can request a state of affairs or periodic report on all ongoing cases at all times through our management system.

Our key words:

ADVICE | extensive knowledge of the case with comprehensive experience
ADMINISTRATION | capable of processing large volumes
FLEXIBILITY | we adapt to your modus operandi
PUNCTUALITY | painstaking and correct settlement of each case
TRANSPARENT | clear arrangements and communication with you and with your client

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To find out more about the ISCS team, click here >>

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